Alu Alu Divers is a SSI dive centre & resort. We are the only dive center in Perhentian Islands with dual qualified instructors that can teach SSI courses from beginner to Instructor level as well as PADI courses.

SSI (Scuba Schools International) is one of the largest diving training agencies worldwide with dive centers all over the world. Both SSI and PADI are the global leaders in the diving industry and certification from both are recognized  worldwide.


Our friendly and experienced team of PADI and SSI diving Instructors can be flexible with dive course durations and start dates to suit you. We have course materials available in English, Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish, French and Italian.

If you are planning to learn the open water course, there is a great option to complete the classroom portion of the course at the comfort of your home before leaving for your holiday. The SSI free on-line training can be accessed here. Register for FREE and start your adventure today!

Here are some of the descriptions of the courses we offer. For all SSI certification course, you will receive your certification card immediately after completing the course on-site. No more waiting around by the mailbox!!


Resort Dive/ Try Dive

This is a great way for non-divers to experience diving for the first time.Under the direct supervision of a dive leader, with a minimal amount of instruction and classroom time. This course is for you if you want to experience the adventure being underwater without going through the 4 day certification course. You will get to dive up to 12m depth and if you love it so much (which we guarantee that you will), you can either continue with the scuba diver or open water course or opt to take another resortdive. At the end of it all, we will give you a certification of completion from SSI to show off to your friends and families back home.


Scuba Diver

If you are short on time, you can take the Scuba Diver course which can be completed in 2 short days. The SSI Scuba Diver course is essentially half of the open water course which you will learn to be a safe and confident diver With the certification from SSI, you can dive anywhere in the world up to 12m depth, accompanied by a dive professional. You can upgrade to the full open water diver rating anytime and anywhere in the world with no time limit.


Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver course is the most recognized beginner level course in the world. Taking the SSI Open Water course gives you the license to dive anywhere in the world up to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

The open water course involves three steps - scuba diving academics, shallow water training, and four training dives on the coral reefs around Perhentian Islands.

At Alu Alu Divers, our experienced western instructors teach in small groups. This ensures you get lots of attention from your instructor, feel safe and confident during your course. We'll make sure that you have a fun, social experience and qualify as a competent diver. If you prefer to have a private tuition, we can also have that arranged as well.

We are flexible with the schedule of the course, but they generally run over four days (4 days. 3 nights stay) allowing you to relax or explore the island while you are doing the course.

1. Day 1 of the course is about getting you a good orientation of the course. Your instructor will run through what will be involved. You will get started with academics portion of the course, watch dvd and review questions to make sure you understand. You will learn, among others, the safe diving practices, the scuba diving equipment that you will use, understanding the effects of pressure when you dive, the buddy system and much much more.

2. Day 2 will be focused on learning the important skills when you go underwater. We will bring you out to a nearby beautiful bay for you first water experience. You will start in a very shallow water getting you familiarize with the equipment and getting you used to breathing underwater. You will then slowly get deeper and learn to control your buoyancy. You will do this in the morning session and be back to the resort by lunch. After lunch you will go back to the classroom to review back the course materials that you have covered and do the final exam.

3. Day 3 you will get the opportunity to practice the skills that you have learn in the morning while diving underwater. You will visit two different sites and get to dive up to a maximum depth of 12 meters.

4. Day 4, you will do the final two dives of your open water course which will take place in the morning and you will be back in time for lunch. You will get your certification card immediately if you choose to take up the SSI course.

If you choose to take up PADI course, your instructor will help you complete your registration with PADI. You will get your card between 4-6weeks from PADI Asia Pacific straight to your doorstep.

We invite you to stay additional night so you can enjoy some fun dives as a qualified open water diver at a special price for our ex students. If you have to leave, the last boat out of the island is at 4pm.


Advanced Adventurer

The SSI Advanced Adventurer course will take you to the next level! The skills you will learn in the this course will enable you, to dive deeper, dive in limited visibility, navigate safely, identify marine life species and dive longer with perfect buoyancy control in at least five training dives.

The advanced course requires you to do two core dives and three elective dives. The core dives are deep and navigation and you can choose the remaining three dives according to your own interest. There electives available for you to choose include night/limited visibility, perfecting your buoyancy, identifying marine life that you will see underwater, underwater digital photography, diving the wrecks and much much more.

The SSI Advanced Adventurer and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver are similarly structured. If you complete 2 Specialty Dive programs and have logged 12 dives then you will receive the SSI SPECIALTY DIVER certification card, this is SSI's intermediate diver rating and is higher than any other dive agency's Advanced Courses. The Specialty Diver card rating is a recognition card given to you FREE from SSI.

If you complete 4 Specialty Dive programs and have logged at least 24 dives, then you will receive the SSI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER certification which stands alone in the industry's highest combination of diving knowledge and experience.  The Advanced Open Water Diver card rating is a recognition card given to you FREE from SSI.

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The Advanced Adventurer course covers 2 full days.

1. On Day 1, you will go through the schedule with your instructor where you will choose your three elective dives. You will do two dives in the afternoon, first covering the first core dive i.e. Underwater Navigation using depth, contour, coral formations as well as using compass to complete some navigation exercises. The second dive will be one of your elective. If you prefer to take up the night dive elective, your night dive will start at 7.30pm and be back at the resort by 9pm.

2. Day 2 you will do 2 morning dives which starts with the core dive i.e. Deep Dive. After a nice surface interval, you will do the second dive, which we recommend you do the weekly elective and dive the famous Sugar Wreck, which is one of the best dive sites here in Perhentian Islands.

3. Afternoon dive will cover the last of your elective dive ( if you opt not to do the night dive elective). Your SSI Advanced Adventurer card will be waiting for you at the resort. If you choose to take up PADI course, your instructor will sit down with you to complete some paperwork and you will get your card from PADI between 4-6 weeks right to your doorstep.


SSI Respond Right and Stress & Rescue diver

If you are keen to pursue your diving skills further, there is no other course better prepared you to be a safer diver. You will be able to anticipate and prevent diving problems before they occur and you will be better prepared to deal with diving problems underwater as well as at the surface.

The SSI Respond Right/Stress & Rescue or PADI EFR and Rescue diver will teach you to assist other divers, deal with diving problems from occuring. The course is demanding and challenging as well as incredibly rewarding.

The prerequisite of the SSI Stress & Rescue or PADI Rescue Diver course is a basic CPR and First Aid course. You can either take the SSI Respond Right Emergency First Aid or PADI Emergency First Responder (EFR) course which you can learn over a day (non-diving) or take any recognized CPR/First Aid Kit from other agencies with a two year validity.

1. Day 1 of the course will cover topics like assisting tired and/or panicked divers, dealing with unconscious divers in the water, self-rescue techniques and diver stress, diving first aid, emergency management, missing diver procedures and various exit techniques. The first few sessions will focus on you mastering these skills and techniques, including a series of training dives.

2. Over the next 3 days, you will learn various scenarios which you will deal with simulated problems that may occur during regular dive trips.



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These are the main leadership levels within the SSI system:

1.Dive Master: can work as a dive guide

2.Dive Control Specialist: Divemaster & Assistant Instructor in one

3.Open Water Instructor. Can teach all levels up to Open Water Diver, the Advanced Adventurer course.

4.Stress and Rescue Instructor: Can also teach Stress & Rescue Specialty

5.Specialty Instructor: Can also teach one or more Specialties

6.Advanced Open Water Instructor: Instructor with at least 4 specialty ratings

7.Dive Control Specialist Instructor: Can also teach Dive Control Specialists (comparable to PADI Staff Instructor)

8.Master Instructor: Instructor with extensive diving and teaching experience

9.Instructor Trainer: Can conduct SSI Instructor Training Courses 

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Dive Guide

The SSI Dive Guide Course (DG) is the first introduction into the world of Professional Diving. As a Dive Guide you will be qualified to lead certified divers. After completing the course you will be able to guide dive tours with certified divers and become a Snorkeling Instructor.

1. Guide dive tours with certified divers

2. Teach Snorkeling after passing the Snorkeling Instructor part

3. Issue Snorkel Diver certifications.  

To start the Dive Guide course, you must hold a minimum SSI Advanced Adventurer rating, have completed the Stress and Rescue course and completed specialties in Night/Limited Visibility, Navigation and Boat Diving. You must log at least 40 dives at the beginning of the course. The course takes at least 14 days to complete, however, the course depends on you and custom tailored around your needs and skills to ensure that you can get the most out of the course.


Dive Master

The SSI Dive Master Course (DM) follows on from the Dive Guide Course. You will learn the Science of Diving specialty which covers the important training in the Physics, Physiology, Diving Equipment and much more. The SSI Divemaster training will teach you also a lot about teaching diving courses. You must be certified as a Dive Guide and logged at least 40 dives before starting the course. You must also have done the Navigation, Night, Deep, Search and Rescue specialities. You also must have a valid CPR/First Aid certification either SSI Respond Right or equivalent.

Following the SSI Divemaster course you will be certified to perform Resort Dive or Try Dive, guide certified divers and conduct the confined water skills of the open water diver course under direct supervision of a qualified diving instructor.


Dive Control Specialist

The SSI Dive Control Specialist Course gives you a more in depth knowledge into the theory you learned during the Dive Master course. As a Dive Control Specialist you will be able to work as an assistant instructor and perform skills for students, helping the diving instructors to conduct their courses. You will also be certified to teach dive theory lessons in the classroom and in the swimming pool. The Dive Control Specialist training is your last step before you can take up the instructor course and become a Scuba Diving Instructor!

In addition to performing the role of a Divemaster, you will be able to teach the open water diver academic and confined water skills without direct supervision from a certified diving instructor. You will also assist the open water training dives as an assistant instructor and conduct Resort Dive/Try Dive.

The Dive Control Specialist course consists of three parts: scuba diving theory, scuba skills and waterman skills and practical internship where you will join the dive crew assisting real customers! You will gain hands on experience working as a dive crew. You will be helping customers and assisting the diving instructors with their diving courses and get a real feeling what it is like to work in the scuba diving industry.

The duration of the SSI Dive Control Specialist is flexible, ranging from 14 days through to several months- you set your own pace!


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