Option 1: Stay 2 months and complete the SSI Divemaster Internship


This two month scuba diving internship trains you from beginner through to Divemaster professional level.


You'll be working through SSI courses in sequence, logging many dives and as your diving skills and experience grow you'll be gradually taking on more responsibility and becoming part of the Alu Alu Divers team. The best thing about taking an internship with Alu Alu Divers is that you will be getting real hands-on experience, and having a great time along the way.

The courses that you will cover are: Open Water Diver Course, Advanced Adventurer, Respond Right Emergency First Aid, Stress & Rescue and Divemaster. You will also complete 4 specialties of your choice (including Enriched Air Nitrox). In addition to the certification courses listed here, you will also get two recognition cards from SSI: Advanced Open Water and Master Diver upon graduation.

Since you will be trained to become a professional diver, you are required to own a set of equipment. The basic set of equipment include regulator,BCD, fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, wrist compass, torch and dive computer. We can help assist in getting you a set at discounted price.

The two month internship costs RM6,200 inclusive of SSI materials and membership fees.

Optional: Full set of equipment (regulator, bcd, wetsuit, fin, mask, snorkel, compass, torch and dive computer) from RM3,500

Optional: Fan room en-suite accommodation at RM3,000 for two months


Option 2: Stay 5 months and complete the SSi Divemaster/Dive Control Specialist Internship for FREE

If you are keen to take on a life-changing experience but short on cash, you can advantage of our unbelievable offer to do this all for FREE. You will complete the Open Water Course, Advanced Adventurer, Respond Right Emergency First Aid, Stress & Rescue and Divemaster course for the first 2 months of your stay and work internship for the remaining 4 months as part of the dive crew and gain valuable experience for your future career in diving.

You will get the most thorough training from us which will make you a valued member of the worldwide professional diving community. As an intern, you will learn how a dive shop runs, how to coordinate a dive trip, to supervise divers in the water and assist instructors in teaching courses.


You will be mentored by our resident Instructor Certifier as well as the staff instructors.

As a scuba dive professional, you are expected to own your own set of gears such as regulator (with alternate air source and SPG/depth gauge), BCD, wetsuit, fins, mask, compass and a computer. We can help you purchase your own quality Aqualung set at a discount from regular retail price.


You will also have to bear the cost of SSI membership as well as personal dive insurance.

Accommodation and meals are not included as part of the deal. There are cheap long term accommodation on our beach or at our own resort, Bayu Dive Lodge. We have a limited shared facility basic fan room available at a cheap monthly rental rate at RM450. Male-only dorm room is also available at RM150 per month rental. Ensuite rooms are also available for long term rental, however, at very limited availability at our resort.



Instructor Training Course (ITC)

Our SSI Diving Instructor Training Course (ITC) will teach you to instruct divers to learn diving in the safest and most thorough way. The staff instructors will share their experience with you and practice working with students in the classroom, and ocean settings.

Our aim is not only to make you confident in the classroom but to give you a good understanding on how diving courses are best build up and how you can plan these courses in the best way for the students and for yourself. Once qualified as a SSI Open Water Instructor you can work all over the world. It is an exciting and rewarding career!


Before starting the ITC, you musthave logged at least 75 dives, have a 2 year validity on any CPR/First Aid certification and have at least a SSI Dive Control Specialist or PADI Divemaster rating.

The standard ITC takes about 12 full days. In the first ten days you learn everything that prepares you to become a dive instructor.

You will learn:

1. Dive theory and classroom presentations: not only do you need to have a fundamental knowledge of dive theory, you are also expected to present this theory in clear and structured lectures. The theory is the same as what you learned during your Dive Control Specialist or Divemaster course. Expect a lot of test exams and classroom presentations on topics like dive physics, physiology, equipment and decompression theory. You will learn how to explain these to others.

2. SSI training standards: As an SSI instructor you must follow the SSI required standards. There are standards that define the maximum depth, the group size and how many training dives you can do on a day. Minimum equipment requirements, paperwork that needs to be done and what skills need to be covered on a certain course. These standards guarantee that the students receive safe and consistent training, anywhere in the world.

3. Confined Water practice: As an instructor you need to be able to explain and demonstrate important dive skills in a clear way, keep the group under control and evaluate your students to decide if they are comfortable or need more practice. You will spend a lot of time in the water to practice this to perfection.

4. Open Water practice: When you take students out to the open water, group control and judgement are very important. You need to have control at all times and be alert of stress and potential dangerous situations. to avoid problems and make sure that your students are always safe and comfortable during your course. We practice open water dives and skills at our local reefs as part of the Dive Instructor Training course.

5. Paperwork and administration: It's not only diving when you work as a dive instructor. Your paperwork needs to be complete and you need to know the proper procedures to certify your students.

6. Diving and the environment: You will learn how to impart this important knowledge to your students on how to keep the impact to the environment as minimal and how to be actively involved to make a positive difference

7. Safety and judgment: We will teach you to use your judgement and prevent problems for you to be a good instructor.


The Instructor Examination takes two full days and here you will be tested by an external SSI Instructor Certifier who will decide whether you are ready to work as an active SSI Open Water Instructor or not. You will be scored on the following four areas:

1.Dive theory and training standards

2.Classroom presentations

3.Confined water presentations

4.Open water presentations

As an SSI Open Water Instructor (OWI) you can teach and issue certifications for Scuba Diver & Open Water Diver (junior and regular), Advanced Adventurer, Stress & Rescue, Scuba Skills Update, Resort Dive and Scuba Rangers.

As part of the ITC, you will also be certified as to each three specialties including Stress & Rescue Specialty Instructor, Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Instructor and Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor!

We will also throw in one bonus instructor specialty course of your choice if you sign up and pay in full before starting the course!

SSI Instructor Crossover

Increase your employability

SSI (Scuba Schools International) is one of the oldest dive organizationsin the world and still growing each day.

The SSI Instructor Crossover program is designed to orient Instructors who were trained by other certification agencies to the teaching and business philosophy of SSI. At the end you will be allowed to teach and certify divers through SSI. Since you already have done your instructor training with another agency, you already know how to teach divers. Therefore our main goal during the course will be to make you knowledgeable and comfortable with SSI Programs, products and services, so that you may confidently teach SSI courses.

But doing you SSI Crossover with us means more: Our aim is to make sure that by the end of the course you will feel comfortable to teach SSI courses. There will be a lot of time for open discussions and questions to allow you to be comfortable with the SSI way.

The course takes two days (up to Advanced Open Water Instructor level). On the first day you will learn about the SSI system, the Training Standards, teaching philosophy and SSI's Online Divers Network. We also go over the several courses within the SSI system and look at their materials andCourse Standards.

On the second day we do a confined session where wepractice some SSI skills. We go over the Specialty programs, the Quality Assurance process and there is a final exam. The price includes your Crossover Materials, Application fees and membership fees for the current year. If the course is done in October or later, it also includes the membership fees for the next year.

Before the crossover program starts, we will sit down and look at your current experience and decide on which level we will be able to cross you over for SSI. Remember we need written proof of your experience and rating, like a list of your professional credentials and course breakdowns. Any specialties that you already hold with another organization will be automatically crossed over as well.

To enroll in the SSI Instructor Crossover Program, you should already be an active Open Water Instructor or higher with another scuba training agency, have a current medicals for diving within the last 12 months, have a CPR & First Aid training within the last 24 months

SSI Go Pro Courses      

(inclusive of all materials and certifications)



Course Price

  Dive Guide

Master Diver

14 days


  Dive Master

DG + Science of Diving

20 days


  Dive Control Specialist


14 days


  Instructor Prep Course  

3 days


  Instructor Training Course (ITC)


12 days


  Respond Right Instructor


4 days


  Dive Control Specialist Instructor


12 days


  Specialty Instructor (1 specialty)


2 days


  Specialty Instructor ( 4 specialties)


8 days


  Instructor Crossover

OWSI equivalent

3 days


  Not inclusive of equipment rental:
Special rate for full set of equipment rental RM400 (normal price RM840)


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